What's New

A Supra-personal Force - The latest article by Subhuti, based on discussions he had with Sangharakshita. In it Subhuti explores the Dharma niyāma at work in Sangharakshita's own life and experience, which thereby shaped the institutions of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community

A Buddhist Manifesto - The Principles of the Triratna Buddhist Community by Subhuti with a foreword by Sangharakshita.

Initiation Into a New Life - an article by Subhuti introduced by Sangharakshita outlining his point of view on the subject of the Ordination Ceremony into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

2 New Books Pubished - The Purpose and Practice of Buddhist Meditation and also Beating the Drum: Maha Bodhi Editorials.


A personal message from Sangharakshita